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We've been in the Mac business from the very start and we are still extremely passionate about the brand. Apple continues to go from strength to strength and is once again a household name. Our aim is to provide a service that is second to none and help you enjoy the best of everything Mac!

System Sales
Service and Support

Purchasing a Mac based computer solution has never been easier, whether you are a home user looking for the ultimate Mac for home or a business requiring a fully integrated, networked solution.


NDTec provides the complete service. We will guide you through the process from initial consultation right through to final commissioning and training. We will also ensure the continued smooth running of your system with one of our many post-sale support packages.


Our free on-site consultation service allows us to assess your requirements on a one-to-one basis thus ensuring that the system provided meets your exact requirements.


Whilst it is accurate to say that most Apple Macintosh equipment can be unboxed and made ready to run in a matter of minutes, it is also true that in a more complex or custom system, a professional installation service should be considered - giving you the piece of mind that your computer has been set up by qualified and experienced technicians.


Tailored to your requirements we will install your system in a professional and organised manner. We will liaise with you to organise an installation timetable ensuring that there is minimal impact to the rest of your setup.


If you are upgrading an existing system we will ensure that your existing data, applications and settings are migrated to your new system.


Before making that all important buying decision, it's paramount to be properly informed. It's a known fact that any purchase involves emotion. We want you to feel good about your purchase, at the same time avoiding mistakes that could cost you money.


NDTec offer system audits which can often highlight areas of your existing system that need attention or upgrading. We can then work from this audit to consult with you and in turn make recommendations where necessary.


In addition to Macintosh computers we provide solutions for Networking, Servers, Client Management, Backup Strategies, Data Archiving, Internet Access, Firewalls, Mail Servers, in fact, the entire infrastructure of a Mac based setup.

NDTec offer a varied selection of support options. If you rely heavily on your equipment to keep running and downtime costs you money, then a Maintenance Contract should be considered. We will carry out a full on-site audit and discuss your requirements in detail.


Key points of a NDTec Hardware Maintenance Contract:-


On-site 8 hour guaranteed response within normal working hours.

All parts and labour.

All hardware issues resolved on-site.

Loan equipment supplied where a resolution was not made at first visit.

Replacement equipment in event of complete failure*

Telephone support within normal working hours**

Software updates supplied free of charge***


*  Unless best fix option is specified.

**  We are unable to guarantee a fix to software related problems.

***  Where the software vendor allows.


NDTec also cater for Ad-Hoc repairs.


We also provide Apple's own AppleCare Protection Plans which extend Apple's manufacturers warranty from one year to three years.

Networking can be a heady subject. Most people don't want the hassle of having to implement their own network - we can help. NDTec can plan and implement a solid networking infrastructure for your systems that is reliable, scalable and most importantly meets your current requirements and those of the future.


We also specialise in cross-platform integration, mixing Macs with PC's and ensuring services are available to both systems, such as printers, servers and backup devices.


Networking services include:

On-site consultation

Network diagnosis

Preparing detailed schematics

Premises cabling



Wireless Networking

VPN (for secure remote access to networks over the Internet)

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